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What is it?

A digital platform that attempts to improve how people live with illnesses

All of us are human and at some point in our lives we will have to live with an illness. We know that all illnesses are a problem, but we also believe that if we get involved and support each other we can make them easier to deal with.

What can you do?

We have found five ways to make it easier to live with an illness


Talk with people like yourself

Get to know and talk with people who live with the same illness as you. Choose the people you have the most in common with and start your own circle of interest.

Questions and answers
Ask your questions to discover other points of view. Help the Community by answering questions published by other people. Or simply browse so you can understand your illness better.

Groups and associations
Join or start a group to share your pastimes and get to know other people in specific places or situations. Join Patients' Associations to learn about their activities.

Anybody can be part of the Community. All you need to do is create an account and a virtual identity to protect your privacy.


Data center

Monitor your illness

Daily control
Record how you deal with your illness every day so you know what happens and when. This will help both you and your doctor to monitor your progress.

Write down your prescriptions and what you are going to do to treat yourself. This will provide you with a schedule of your illness and a record of all your treatments.

The community and you
Compare your situation with the rest of the community using simple charts and statistics.

Download a personalized report of your progress with all the information and the time periods you need. For your records or to take to your doctor.

Does confidentiality worry you? It worries us too, so we have decided never to request anyone's real name. Here, you will always be using your virtual personality.



Stay in control, wherever you are

Download the application to monitor your illness and how you are doing each day.

It is easy to use and intuitive:

  1. Select the control variable.
  2. Enter the data.
  3. Activate the medication time alert or the alert that reminds you when to enter new data.

All the applications are free and will be designed specifically for each illness. They will be available for iPhone and Android.



Learn and share knowledge

Learn from the experiences and knowledge of people who have lived with an illness for a long time.

Find out
Write a word in the search engine to find articles that could interest you. You will discover many points of view.

Become a writer by writing an article. Many others will be grateful to you. We will review it before publication to adapt it to the characteristics of the platform.

We believe in the knowledge of people who have been living with an illness for a long time, whether they have the illness or are caring for others who have it. The articles in this section are based on personal experiences that can be useful for others.



Stay updated about your illness.

Stay on top of the health information that affects you. Discover new opinions about how to treat your illness, personal relationships, free time, health in general and other matters that affect or interest you on a daily basis.

You will always find the publications in easy-to-understand formats: brief articles, presentations, information graphs and videos.

The editing team at People Who and its collaborators prepare these digital publications in accordance with a standardized publishing and ethical code.


Who is it designed for?

For anyone who lives with an illness in one way or another

  1. Profile-type-have-big
    If you have an illness

    People who have already been diagnosed with an illness.

  2. Profile-type-care-big
    If you care for others

    People who do not have an illness but care for someone who does. Both close family members and professional caregivers.

  3. Profile-type-relate-big
    If you are related or interested

    People who do not have an illness or care for someone who is ill, but are interested in a certain illness or are related to someone with an illness.

Which illnesses are active?

We will be including more illnesses

We want to reach everyone, whatever the illness they are living with. We will be including new illnesses gradually. If you want to stay informed, subscribe to our News.

We believe that we can all work together to improve how we live with an illness. This is why we exist.

  1. Alzhéimer Alzhéimer
  2. Arthritis Arthritis
  3. Diabetes Diabetes
  4. Epilepsy Epilepsy
  5. Leukemia Leukemia
  6. Psoriasis Psoriasis
  7. Transplants Transplants
  8. Trastorno bipolar Trastorno bipolar